Slow moving, feels too slow! That’s good, it puts it in another world. Practice breathing in and out slowly and opening and closing your eyes with the breath! This is the tempo!

SLOW DOWN! All your movements, all limbs, arms and hands, hand shapes, eyes, all in slow motion. Like you are underwater! Be aware of head movements, especially if communicating.

If you are in front, you are the leader all will follow, don’t look behind to see what’s going on, don’t seek permission!. Moving in unison, flocking, following leads, saying yes, complicity, psychic synchronisation!


Use the architecture to make powerful imagery. Photobomb monuments, structures, statues, tourist attractions – occupy them and create dramatic filmic moments. Let the lead character take centre position leaving room behind for others to fill in either side, tall people hold back line, think about the picture you are making, fill in the gaps, use different heights, kneel and play out to sides. Connect physically so you can feel the changes, though as you synchronise you will feel it psychically more than physically. Recall classic greek statues and the shapes they use, power they project, silent watchers from across the ages!


We use the middle of the road for travel sometimes, single file down central reservation, sometimes taking the road itself in two formation side by side or fanning out into a V or random flock if group is big enough. On junctions we float about a bit, to distract and delay with something beautiful, so less confrontational than traditional blockade /swarming tactics, we linger just long enough to bemuse and confuse then slowly move on, like ghosts or apparitions from some other world! Holding the gaze forwards, thousand yard stare, but allowing yourself to let your head drift to the side on occasion and connect with your audience.

Warm up and slow down

Before Departure, stretch and warm up! its very taxing holding postures and walking slowly!

Hold hands and look into each other’s eyes to connect before setting off,
Electric eyeballs, look at each other, connect!

Breathe together for few moments slowly in and out, opening and closing your eyes with each slow breath.

Do the fists in centre rising up – whoooooaaaaaahhhhhhh hurrah thing! And repeat after me!!! Shouting!

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