Everything you need to know to join the thin red line!

Thank you for considering joining Red Rebel Brigade, we welcome you!

It's amazing how many people from all over the world have responded to this silent call to arms!

LOVE is our weapon! NO violence! Avoid arrest.

So far we have remained untouchable.

This is powerful, we come to support the arrestibles, to de-escalate confrontational situations, we block roads by crossing slowly or flocking in junctions, but only long enough to provoke emotive responses.

As well as direct actions creative projects are welcomed, photo shoots in natural locations are very powerful, the Red contrasts as amazingly with nature as urban environments.

We are also supporting the creation of other colours and encourage any performance related protest, if we can help or advise don’t be afraid to contact us.

It’s great to have core people familiar with performance, dancers, circus artists, actors but also amazing to welcome people who have never done this kind of thing before, share what you have and support each other.