We aim to keep the look and aesthetic strong and unified, everyone brings their own personality and subtle variation to the character, they become their own archetype, god or goddess, but the unity and solidity of the robes is crucial.

The robes are designed to be easily fashioned from 4 separate elements – long sleeve shirt, tied or other skirt, neck scarf and velvet toga. We also recently had some new costumes made and donated by a London designer Philmore, which feature an all in one top and skirt joined at the waist, this allows toga and scarf to be added over the top and alleviates problems of skirt slipping for example.

Check each others costumes before departure and any time you stop and huddle. Keep footwear black and neutral, green shoes kills the look!

Make sure head dresses pulled down and level, feet covered by front of toga. Red Gloves really work! Worth the investment!

Formation is good! in single lines or 2×2 for processing down streets, can be led by solo or couple depending if numbers odd or even, or a V formation like geese flying south on wider spaces.freezing along kerbs weeping as cars go by, looking up at buildings confused in junctions etc.

Front figures lead movement and poses, fists raised, reaching out to passers by, hands up to the heavens – Follow the leader!!

Flocking is more of a random cluster and who ever is at the front when you turn then leads. Better for open spaces, junctions and large tableaux.

Peace is the foundation, in a personal sense, lying in grass on a summers day, or looking at the sea for example. Meditation in action.

Sombre and mournful is the aesthetic, like Greek chorus, Buto dancers, Victorian funeral mourners. But the message we carry is Change, the possibility to change, delivered with love and understanding.

Make contact in tableaux to feel next move. Called signals can be passed discreetly on via low voice or movement signals by touch. Pass on/repeat the word/emotion discreetly with voice when in a big group.

One person calls the emotion to project, don’t be too cheesy!
Emotions may include:

Joy, sorrow, anger, fear, victory, happiness, terror, love, understanding
also random (where each picks their own, good to do!)

3 – 6 emotion changes per tableaux and move on, or feel the vibe and go longer/repeat.

Connect mentally and physically, use different heights, make different levels, don’t just stand in lines, make shapes, like gods and goddesses! (that you are)

You can feel when the movement should happen, between you. But if you need to move then lead, everyone will follow, don’t look around, or seek permission.

Think about the picture you make collectively, get someone to arrange initial positions using height, eg tall in middle and smaller around in front, having a centre figure is good, build around this, so they are aware of poses and play up and down, while surrounding figures play out to sides. Like classic statue formations, gods and goddesses.

When you are in costume you are on stage!

No cigarettes, no phones, no chatting to friends or each other when live. You can make eye contact and improvise together in tableaux.

No breaking character!

Once again if you are in costume you are on stage!

To discuss the next incursion, direction, action – huddle in a circle.
To communicate huddle facing in.

Have fun, be at peace, send out the love, feel the emotions, don’t play them!

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